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Campus Sustainability

Innovative sustainability solutions for your institution living in our changing world

For decades now, America’s colleges and universities have been leaders in the environmental sustainability movement.  Whether it is the reduction of carbon footprints or the promotion of sustainability education and research, institutions of higher learning are instrumental inBrochure image1 preparing all of us for the realities of living in our changing world.  At Sightlines, we’re acutely aware of the role you play in the upkeep of your environmental stewardship, and we’re here to help.

Sightlines’ Sustainability Solutions

In your role as a sustainability professional, the burden of continuous data analysis and time-consuming reporting can keep you from your true mission: designing and implementing campus enhancements that nurture a culture of environmental responsibility.

Sightlines provides a suite of innovative solutions that empower and support sustainability leaders by:

  • Quantifying sustainability performance across a broad spectrum of indicators
  • Benchmarking your efforts with those of peers and best in class institutions
  • Reporting on successes and identifying areas requiring increased focus
  • Meeting reporting requirements of programs such as the Carbon Commitment, STARS, Sierra Club and Princeton Review
  • Communicating sustainability progress and needs to senior leadership
  • Creating effective Climate Action Plans that align with the campus master and capital plans to maximize resources

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Sightlines provides keen insight and proven strategies that allow your institution to thrive while enhancing the sustainability of the environment we share.

Sustainability Suite of Solutions

With our innovative sustainability solutions, Sightlines provides your institution with climate action plans that create lasting change and save time, money, and the environment.

Get Started. Request a call with a Sightlines representative to explore how our suite of sustainability solutions can move you closer to your goals.