Building Portfolio Solutions

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Use Building Portfolios to make the problem smaller.

Not all buildings are created equal.  So why treat them that way?  Sightlines’ Building Portfolio Solutions gives you the ability to segment a seemingly insurmountable backlog into subsets that support your institution’s mission and strategic vision with unique investment strategies.  You might not have enough capital to address all deficiencies on campus, but by “making the problem smaller”, Sightlines enables you to develop a multi-year plan that optimizes the investments you do make.

“Sightlines helped us create a professional framework to organize our buildings into portfolios…now, we will leave a legacy of funding rather than a legacy of deferred maintenance.” – Craig Woody, Vice Chancellor of Business and Financial Affairs, University of Denver

Capital Planning is more than just a project list

Whether or not you have had a recent facilities condition assessment, Sightlines can work with your facilities team to integrate your backlog with operations, mission, and finance.  Building Portfolio Solutions creates affordable and actionable capital plans that make the most of scarce resources and break through frozen decision making caused by the assembly of overwhelming lists of deferred maintenance through traditional condition assessments.

Technical Assessment:Bldg-portfolio Conduct Building walk-throughs and component inventory to develop initial list of needs

Step 1- Integrate Technical Needs.  Integrate operational perspective to target inspections and reduce overall capital needs.

Step 2 – Create Building Portfolios.  Segment the backlog and tie projects to mission and institutional strategy.

Step 3 – Develop Multi-year Capital Plan.
Create outcome based strategies by portfolio.

Step 4 – Project Selection.
Pick projects that support mission, operations, and financial capacity.



Sightlines’ Building Portfolio Solutions “provide a level of analysis we have only dreamed of.  We now have a complete understanding of each of our buildings to help us prioritize which projects to fund with finite resources.” – David Proulx, VP of Finance and Administration, Franklin & Marshall College

F&M BPS Case Study


Balancing Projects the Franklin & Marshall Way – Franklin & Marshall College Building Portfolio Solutions Case Study



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