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On average, campus facilities are worth four to five times the value of endowments.  So the question is, do you have the tools to effectively manage your institution’s largest asset?  With Sightlines comprehensive facilities intelligence solution, ROPA+, now you do.

ROPA+ is a multi-phase, proprietary data-collection and analysis service designed to help you tell your facilities story and make the case for change on campus.  It provides a holistic view of facilities, allowing you to make more informed policy and strategic decisions based on consistent and accurate empirical evidence, analyzed and refreshed annually.


Every year, Sightlines ROPA+ solution helps over 350 colleges and universities across North America change the facilities conversation on their campus, which includes a data-driven dialogue around:

  • Securing increased funding for replacement and deferred maintenance
  • Understanding the right investment levels
  • Creating a common vocabulary that aligns finance and facilities
  • Identifying appropriate funding for operations and staffing levels
  • Making the case for facilities strategies and providing comprehensive, unbiased “story-telling” to rationalize facilities decisions to key stakeholders
  • Developing facilities plans that support the academic mission and strategic vision of the institution to compel action on campus.


Our multi-phase process focuses on robust discovery, predictive analytics, and performance measurement.  These phases allow you to identify opportunities for improvement, align operational, financial, and program goals, forecast investment needs, and validate performance year over year.

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          Phase One: Discovery                   Phase Two: Prediction               Phase Three: Performance

By choosing ROPA+ and the Sightlines team, you’re selecting a team with years of experience, an unbiased perspective of your campus, and a proven model that provides a foundation for effective decision making and a history of being a catalyst for positive change at higher education institutions time and time again.


Want to learn more about the ROPA+ data and process?  Check out the infographic below.

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