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Phase One: Discovery

Analysis to know where you stand

Facilities organizations generally have a wealth of data on everything from energy cost and consumption to outstanding work orders and project lists.  However, this data is seldom in a format that adds value to supervisors, managers, or senior administrators.  Equipped with our one-of-a-kind QVQ (Quantify, Verify, Qualify) process, Sightlines leads a process of discovery on every campus by harnessing large amounts of base data from source documents and converting it into usable information and knowledge.

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From Data to Insights to Action

As the cornerstone of ROPA+, Sightlines’ Discovery Process creates a historical profile and peer comparisons which lead to observation, identification of key issues, and the development of strategic recommendations specific to each institution we work with.  Through this process, Sightlines provides the knowledge to take action and the ability to assure that appropriate funding is allocated and utilized effectively.  Sightlines modeling and analysis rests on four distinct yet interrelated concepts in physical asset management:

  • Annual Stewardship: Keep-Up Costs
    The annual target, and actual investment needed to keep-up with the planned maintenance and replacement of building components as each reaches the end of its useful life;
  • Asset Reinvestment: Catch-Up Costs
    The accumulated backlog of repair and modernization needs and the definition of capital renewal and deferred maintenance funding to correct them;
  • Operating Effectiveness
    The effectiveness in delivering daily service, staffing, protecting assets, and managing energy consumption;
  • Service
    The measure of service process, the maintenance qualify of space and systems, and the customer’s opinion of service delivery.

Phase Two: Prediction

Insight to know where you’re going

After Discovery lays the foundation and presents an accurate picture of historical facilities performance, ROPA+ Prediction allows institutions to forecast operating and capital investment needs.  Your institution will have the ability to reduce and mitigate facilities risk, using tools such as:

  • prediction image webSightlines lifecycle database, to understand backlog and predict future capital investment requirements within mechanical systems, building envelope, and interior finishes.
  • The new COST Forecaster, to fully understand the operating and ongoing capital implications of adding new space or demolishing old.

With these tools, ROPA+ Prediction equips you with the knowledge to align finance and facilities through institutional policies, and to create action plans that are sustainable for your campus.

Phase Three: Performance

Intelligence to help you reach your goals

Discovery and Prediction help you identify your most critical facilities challenges – past, present, and future.  ROPA+ Performance helps you set targets and monitor changes as you tackle them.  Zero in on your most important opportunities and consistently measure and track improvements over time by:phase 3 web

  • Identifying key operating and capital metrics and establishing strategic objectives for each
  • Drilling down deeper into highlighted measures to developing tangible actions that will yield progress
  • Tracking results against best-in-class performers
  • Periodically re-evaluating goals as the campus evolves and external factors cause you to shift priorities.

ROPA+ Performance provides an invaluable continuous improvement cycle by acknowledging historical accomplishments, setting targets based on internal goals and industry best practices, and making sure change is sustained year-after-year.

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