Working With Us

We’re reinventing facilities management best practices

Maintaining, upgrading, and planning for the future of campus facilities can be an ongoing struggle. Limited resources, incomplete data and internal politics can produce poor decision-making and wasted funds. We created Sightlines to give institutions the credible information, advice and vision they need to integrate facilities management best practices into their campus planning and management strategy. And we wanted to make it easy.

Our staff is your staff

Hiring Sightlines is like bringing on a talented new colleague. Once engaged, we become an extension of your staff, and when you need support or advice we’re always available and ready to help. Our professionals are experienced and energized — we love what we do and it shows every day. We go to great lengths to provide a deep level of service so that we can establish trust and help you implement facilities management best practices throughout your organization — from the boiler room to the boardroom.

When we do the hard work, your budget works harder

Unlike other consultancies, we don’t rely on surveys or self-reported data. We come to your campus and collect it in person. Then we examine and validate every single statistic. This ensures that your data is complete and consistent with the information in our benchmarking database.

Our QVQ Processis designed to provide the right level of detail and strategic direction you need to spend wisely. No other service provider goes to these lengths. And no other provider gets better mileage out of your facilities budget.

When it comes to putting facilities management best practices to work for our members, Sightlines goes the distance.